So, what led you here?

       Are you searching for the best weight loss method?  Looking for help with an eating disorder?  Trying to find a way to stop your emotional eating...?

It doesn't matter what your particular food issue looks like because, at their root, they are equally destructive.  This is something I know,personally, because I was once very familiar with the many expressions of food addiction.

       Not so long ago, I was like you...searching the internet for similar topics, trying to find help for this insidious addiction.  I won't lie; that search didn't yield much success for me.  I didn't find another diet, weight loss pill, or support group that would actually work, and you won't find them here, either.  What you will find is a Solution. 


After battling unhealthy food behaviors, and chronic obesity, for more than 26 years, I finally surrendered it all to God.  In one fateful moment of desperation, I quit trying to "fix myself," and agreed to follow God into the journey of a lifetime.  You can read part of my miraculous story of healing and restoration HERE.   Or check out my BLOG for excerpts from my book and updates about my book.  Don't hit the back button just yet; keep reading, and let this search be the one, which ends in SUCCESS.

Finding God's Freedom

from Obesity, Eating Disorders, & Food Addiction


Summer Ameen Kelly